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Adam J Cohen, M.D. 

Plastic Surgeon

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Adam J. Cohen, MD is a premier eyelid and facial plastic surgeon. Whether you want to have a more youthful, healthy appearance or have a medical condition that is affecting your face, Dr. Cohen can help. Throughout his career, Dr. Cohen has helped many patients refine their look and enhance their natural beauty.

Plastic surgeons perform a wide variety of surgeries that can restore or correct the form and function of the human body, which can be either cosmetic or reconstructive in nature. Dr. Cohen is able to correct abnormalities of the body that may be causing adverse health effects or perform surgeries to correct malformations cause by birth defects, trauma, aging or disease. He also performs elective surgeries, which patients undergo to improve their aesthetic appearance.

Dr. Cohen attended the Albany Medical College and attended residencies for Internal Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital in NY and Ophthalmology in Nassau County Medical Center in NY. Dr. Cohen’s fellowships include University of Vermont, Fletcher Allen Healthcare (Burlington, Vermont), Fellowship in Oculofacial, Orbital and Lacrimal Surgery and Neuro-ophthalmology Institute for Craniofacial Surgery (Southfield, Michigan), Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery.

Dr. Cohen currently teaches residents at the Rush University Medical Center and NorthShore University Health System and has published over 50 academic articles in the field of facial and eye surgery. He has written two textbooks to help future surgeons learn from his experiences.

Evaluation and Management of Blepharoptosis

Educates surgeons on how to evaluate and manage a drooping of the eyelid that obstructs vision called blepharoptosis.

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The Lacrimal System: Diagnosis, Management, and Surgery, Second Edition

Educates surgeons on how to diagnose, manage and operate on the Lacrimal System, which is responsible for the thin layer of tears that continually cover the eyes.

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