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8 Beautiful Benefits of MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Rejuvenation

The median age of women experiencing menopause is 51, though it varies from woman to woman. Though many women feel liberated by a lack of menses, menopause comes with a few challenges.

The lack of estrogen often causes vaginal dryness as well as other issues. If you're menopausal and having issues, don't be afraid to talk with your health professional.

There are solutions, and one even comes without fear of hormonal side effects. MonaLisa Touch is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment with great benefits.

What are those benefits? Keep reading for information about menopause and 8 benefits of the MonaLisa Touch treatment.

Understanding Menopause

Menopause happens in stages, beginning with perimenopause. Perimenopause lasts as much as ten years before menopause. It can also be as short as a few months.

The perimenopausal stage is when a woman's ovaries slow the production of hormones. During this stage, some women have heavy and irregular periods as the hormones fluctuate. Eventually, the ovaries cease egg and hormone production.

Another common symptom of perimenopause is hot flashes. Many people think hot flashes come after menopause but hot flashes often occur during perimenopause. Hot flashes can continue for up to ten years after menopause.

Menopause is when a woman goes an entire year without menstruating after perimenopause and the cessation of periods. Reduced estrogen comes with many and varying side effects.

Not all women have terrible side effects from menopause but most women have at least some. Some menopausal symptoms include:

  • Hot flashes

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Insomnia

  • Fatigue

Some side effects such as vaginal dryness cause painful sex, vaginal irritation, and even difficulties with urination. Many women don't seek help because they assume these are normal signs of aging.

Menopause is part of the normal aging process but it doesn't mean there are no treatments to help with the symptoms. MonaLisa Touch is one such treatment.

MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

The MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation treatment helps with some of the uncomfortable symptoms and side effects of menopause. Vaginal dryness and laxity are two symptoms that sometimes lead to other issues, such as urinary problems.

The MonaLisa Touch uses a fractional laser in the vaginal area. This causes controlled damage to the area that stimulates new collagen production. The increased collagen rejuvenates the vaginal area.

So, what are the benefits of MonaLisa Touch?

1. Helps Relieve Dryness

Due to reduced estrogen after menopause, vaginal dryness affects many women. This leads to chafing and can even increase the risk of infection. MonaLisa Touch helps relieve this dryness.

2. Helps Relieve Dyspareunia

Dyspareunia is when sex is painful. Unfortunately, many women think this is a normal part of aging and don't mention it to their doctors.

Although vaginal dryness is normal in menopausal women, there's no reason you need to endure painful sex. A regular lubricant can help some women with this issue but that doesn't always work.

Along with relieving vaginal dryness, MonaLisa Touch helps reduce instances of painful sex. If you're having problems with painful sex, consider MonaLisa Touch treatment.

3. Restore Tightness

The MonaLisa Touch also helps restore some of the tightness to the vaginal area. This helps if you have issues with your partner slipping out during intercourse.

Some women experience laxity in the vaginal area as a result of having children. Other women develop vaginal laxity without having had a vaginal birth or births.

A chronic cough, chronic constipation, or even lifting heavy weights at the gym can cause issues for some women.

4. Reduces Genitourinary Issues

Irritation, chafing, and pressure can feel like a urinary tract or vaginal infection. Loose muscle tone also contributes to constant trips to the bathroom to ensure an empty bladder.

Since the MonaLisa Touch helps restore tightness due to neocollagenesis, it reduces genitourinary issues for some women.

5. Tailored Treatment

The MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation treatment isn't a one-size-fits-all treatment. You'll get a tailored approach to your needs.

Some women need several treatments for the full effect while others only need one treatment.

6. It's a Non-Hormonal Treatment

Many women are not good candidates for hormonal treatments. If you've had breast cancer, you may not want to risk hormonal therapies aimed at reducing menopausal symptoms.

Some breast cancer treatments cause a reduction in estrogen which leads to vaginal dryness. If you've had a hysterectomy or your ovaries removed due to cancer or for other reasons, you may also suffer from menopausal-type symptoms.

MonaLisa Touch is a great alternative for those seeking non-hormonal therapies for symptom reduction.

7. Little Downtime

The MonaLisa Touch is a painless treatment for most women and involves little downtime. The practitioner first numbs the vaginal area before inserting the wand.

The treatment is much like a regular gynecological exam. The laser's pulse energy goes into the vaginal tissues but only feels like small vibrations. The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes.

8. Improves Quality of Life

Post-menopausal symptoms can affect your day-to-day life. MonaLisa Touch is a simple process that can improve your quality of life. Some women notice improvements within the first day.

Are You a Good Candidate for MonaLisa Touch?

If you're experiencing vaginal dryness, laxity, or atrophy, especially from hormonal changes, you're a good candidate for MonaLisa Touch.

Do you have itching, burning, or pain during intercourse? Do you lack sensation during intercourse? These are also good reasons for considering treatment.

If you're not done having children, you may want to hold off on treatment, since another birth will most likely undo the effects of the treatment.

MonaLisa Touch Treatments

MonaLisa Touch treatments can help with some of the vaginal symptoms associated with menopause. It's also an effective treatment for women with similar symptoms that may not be caused by menopause.

Don't be embarrassed about asking your treatment professional about any type of vaginal symptoms you have. Chances are, there's a treatment that can help.

Are you in the Schaumburg, Illinois area and in need of relief from your menopausal vaginal symptoms? We can answer your questions about MonaLisa Touch treatments. Contact us here.

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